Month: March 2017

Pippi Longstocking and the Mongol Rally

Well, well! Several work colleagues at Starwood in Cork challenged Maria to incarnate Pippi Longstocking for one day! Guess what? Maria accepted the challenge, and all the donations went to Cool Earth: 122€ and counting!

Cool Earth – Our Charity

  We are proud to choose as charity Cool Earth, which fights massive deforestation in our most precious rain forests. Our goal is £1000. Henriques the Navigators are not the type of people to decline a free round of pints at a pub, but this time, we would skip it if you help us help

The Ship Has Been Acquired

Finally, Team Henriques the Navigators got a beautiful Nissan Micra to take as ship for our voyage. Sure thing, she will need some shipyard time for adjustments, but she drives marvels. Oh, the excitement! Save Save

First Visa Fail

The inevitable frustration of the first visa fail.

Travelling on Mongol Rally Business

Big week coming ahead. We’re going to sort the Russian visas in Lisbon and hopefully we’ll also get our tiny vehicle. Packing a few of the stuff from Ireland to Portugal, including the amazing Rally Survival Kit offered by Sara in Christmas.