Month: May 2017

Céilí by the Lee Fundraising

Absolutely fantastic! In two-three, out two-three! Thank you Damien – Céilí by the Lee – and all who showed up for this very fun afternoon! With this, we have raised a fantastic €155.25 for Cool Earth, which helped us reach 84% of our goal, and counting! Check out the Crane Lane, Cork on Mondays for

At the Adventurists HQ’s in Bristol

Jägermeister shotguns, beer and vodka flying over our heads. A few films – the pretext to meet, after all. And a huge headache on the following day. If it was like this on the meetup in May, I imagine how it will be like at Goodwood Circuit. I am already afraid that we’ll miss the

Henriques Zee Navigators – An Introduction Video

Henriques Zee Navigators decided to come up with a bit of gibberish for you to watch.