Month: June 2017

The Last Push Before the Start

Today the strategic pieces start to move. Manon is going to the Netherlands for a few days, get back to Ireland, and then departing to Lisbon in a somewhat late arrival to Portugal. Still on time to start though. Rui is departing to Portugal and will have plenty of time to prepare everything related to

The Cardboard Micra

If there is one big thing that we are gutted about, it’s the fact that we won’t be able to show around our Micra in Ireland. Our Cork friends deserved better. Alas, the costs of driving to Ireland were to high, and time wise we would also suffer a big deal. We had to do

Mr. Yak

So Mr. Yak is very excited about our adventure. We on the other hand… One month until we leave from Cabo da Roca! Save Save

We Reached Our Goal!

That’s it! We made it! We have passed our goal of £1000 for Cool Earth, the charity we are supporting in the Mongol Rally! Thank you to all those who contributed for such as worthy cause! You are all awesome! You are not only helping the forest, but also fighting poverty in the those areas.

The Navigators in the Press

Henriques Zee Navigators are in the press today. That’s two pages in the Diário de Leiria. Cheers to José Roque for everything! Looking good! Read the online version here, as a good Portuguese speaker you certainly are.

Pole Dance Fundraising

  Great fun we had yesterday; much pain we will feel today! Thank you Kuni & Jenny for showing and teaching us some of your amazing pole dance moves! And, thank you girls for showing up for this fun evening class and showing your support for Cool Earth! With this, we have raised a fantastic

The Misventures of Frol

This hasn’t been easy. Henriques Zee Navigators’ Frol de la Terra was a relatively inexpensive Nissan Micra. Alas, she took a lot more time in the garage than we were thinking. First, the timing chain was making funny noises. Then, some issues in the valves and some oil leaks. We also chose to change the