The Hoomans Did This!

The Serendipity of the Mountain

In 2013, Rui and Manon were climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Rui heard this loud vomit and turned his back. “Ah!” he exclaimed, “Right on!” and went to check on this American climber suffering from altitude sickness.

There is no way Rui can remember this guy’s name now. He surely remembers the colour of the vomit, though. Anyway, he likes to think that he was able to comfort the climber’s suffering for a while. In no time, Rui and Jack, another of Rui’s expedition companions, were both exchanging words with him, who was in no way a Trump-like person. Much the opposite, he was an extremely nice chap.

In exchange for our comforting words about altitude sickness being a normal thing in the heights of these mountains, our new Yankee friend would tell us about this maddening experience called Mongol Rally. “Hundreds of people in old Micras going from the UK to Mongolia!”, he said, and Rui, gazing his eyes, went like “Fekin’ wow!”

Rui and Jack quickly realised there was potential here. And so it was that the idea was planted into their brains.







In a Nutshell

Our Goal

To be able to start in Cabo da Roca, Portugal, and finish in Ulan-Ude, Russia. Also mandatory: Chichester (UK) and Mongolia.

Our Madness

There is no genius without madness. I don’t think my grandmother ever said that. Nor my parents. But I think I may have said this at some point. Evolution, baby!

Our Expertise

None that would give us an unfair advantage. Thankfully!

Those Pesky Humans


Those people that make your life hard. We had just a few. They don’t frighten us, those wussy pig dogs. They can go and boil their bottoms, them sons of a silly person. We blow our nose at them.

The Old Men of Restelo

Those people who don’t believe us. One of them said: “You don’t know what you’re messing with.” Some said: “You? Through those countries? In a tiny car?” But most will remain silent, smirking and having fun in calculating the odds. Us too!

The Wanadoos

They’d sure like it. But first they have to will it! And then they have to persevere. And surrounds themselves with likewise people! Else they’ll go from Wanadoos to Didentdoos.

The Great Ones

Most of the people we found are part of the Great Ones. Those humans who have the spirit to help us. We carry those in our hearts.


– melodramatically dries the small tear in the corner of the eye –

From Brain to Paper

Turning the idea of the Mongol Rally into an actual real project takes an unmoveable desire to do it. Some call it stubbornness.

But it also takes the ability of dealing with sudden changes: it’s like being able to change underwear after your best friend drops a full bottle of laxative in your beer: you’ll just have to expect that shit will come, and be creative about it.

And so it happened while planning the Mongol Rally. Well, it still is happening today. And I am pretty sure that it will happen during the rally. Shit happens quite a lot.

It is visas, bureaucracy, money, and letters to people and companies. After Panama Papers, these are the worst papers.

There’s also the good papers. We love maps, and we can’t wait to lose ourselves while reading them upside down. And then, there’s the autographs we are getting, and whoever is putting a bit of their love and effort into our trip.

The Team




A Feast As We Sail East

The Brother

Rui Henriques

Nerd. Mountaineer. Marathoner. Never cared much about cars or driving until I heard about this Mongol Madness. I still don’t care much about cars. Any crap will do, really. Which means I fit the profile, right?

The Sister

Maria Henriques

Warden of the Maps. Champion of the Potholes. And… I can change a tyre. It’s just the arm strength, you know?

The Schumacher

Manon van der Zee

Rule Breaker. Out of the Box Thinker. Proof in the Picture: can lift a big (heavy enough) black object. No problem.

Partners & Sponsors

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