The Sails Are Set

  This was another busy day. Manon has now joined the Navigators and Juno is much better after being submitted to an urgent surgery – hopefully she will stop chewing on thread next time. The car also looks great after all the oil leak issues. We are still packing, but nearly done with it. Tomorrow


The Paint Job

Painting a car can’t be an easy thing. It takes forever and if it goes wrong, you are sure you screwed up the whole thing. It requires a good bit of patience, and a lot of paint breathing. Yes. I think it sucks. I pay my homage to car painters. For this, we bought quite a


We Reached Our Goal!

That’s it! We made it! We have passed our goal of £1000 for Cool Earth, the charity we are supporting in the Mongol Rally! Thank you to all those who contributed for such as worthy cause! You are all awesome! You are not only helping the forest, but also fighting poverty in the those areas.