The Misventures of Frol

This hasn’t been easy. Henriques Zee Navigators’ Frol de la Terra was a relatively inexpensive Nissan Micra. Alas, she took a lot more time in the garage than we were thinking. First, the timing chain was making funny noises. Then, some issues in the valves and some oil leaks. We also chose to change the


The Stowaway

She was there all along, but nobody knew it. Our “stowaway” third crew member has finally decided to join the Henriques bros. She is Manon, and therefore we are now officially called Henriques Zee Navigators. The rest of the plan is pretty much the same. We get in our Micra and we head east. That


Cool Earth Table Quiz

Arsenal was playing, but who watches losers anyway? Henriques the Navigators didn’t join the football fans at the Woolshed, Cork. Pretty much the other way around. The Woolshed helped us host a Mongol Rally/ Cool Earth table quiz night. It was a success, and much beer was consumed, despite being on a Monday. Now Henriques