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Today was not an easy one. Maria left Cork 24 hours ago and arrived to Portugal during the morning, obviously without sleeping much. She forgot some of the things in her place, but Manon is still on time to sort it out.

In the meantime, I had to check again about the oil leak. Yesterday it hadn’t been fixed, and today we had a few hits and misses, until finally we managed to locate it. At least that’s what we hope, as we will double check it tomorrow.

The harsher news came from Ireland. Manon called me during the morning, and I could feel straight away that something not right when I heard her. Our cat Juno was not well, and it didn’t look good at all.

It seemed that all the bad news were coming at the same time. I later found out that had Juno ingested thread and it was so bad that she needed surgery. Lengthy, risky, complex, expensive.

At that time I was having more bad news about the oil leak still not neutralised. All too bad to be true.

In the afternoon Maria started to help, and we went again to get the leak sorted, which it did eventually. Manon made a few calls to friends. And ladies and gentlemen, those great friends that show up when you need them. Thanks to them, Juno will be taken care of, after being able to leave the vet.

The day ended up with reasons to be optimistic. There was a point we were thinking about postponing the departure. But things are slowly getting into place. Let’s just keep the momentum going!

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