Tag: Planning

Last Minute Problems

  Things are going overall well, but yesterday by pure chance we found an oil leak that is affecting one of the time belts. The leak is big enough, and it seems to be damaging the time belt somewhat. With three days to go, we need to fix this with some urgency. Other than that,

The Last Push Before the Start

Today the strategic pieces start to move. Manon is going to the Netherlands for a few days, get back to Ireland, and then departing to Lisbon in a somewhat late arrival to Portugal. Still on time to start though. Rui is departing to Portugal and will have plenty of time to prepare everything related to

Mapping It Out

Here you have the very basic plan. We know we want to start on the westernmost tip of Europe, go to London, and finish in Ulan Ude. In between? Just a rough idea! Save

I Wonder How’s Christmas in Mongolia

  I have no clue, but I’d say it’s nicer inside a yurt. Anyway, time to write some news. The other day we were talking about stuff we have to get done for the Mongol Madness, and geez! We realised time goes faster than our rolling turd will go across the steppes next August. I