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Emotional Roller Coaster

Today was not an easy one. Maria left Cork 24 hours ago and arrived to Portugal during the morning, obviously without sleeping much. She forgot some of the things in her place, but Manon is still on time to sort it out. In the meantime, I had to check again about the oil leak. Yesterday

Last Minute Problems

  Things are going overall well, but yesterday by pure chance we found an oil leak that is affecting one of the time belts. The leak is big enough, and it seems to be damaging the time belt somewhat. With three days to go, we need to fix this with some urgency. Other than that,

The Misventures of Frol

This hasn’t been easy. Henriques Zee Navigators’ Frol de la Terra was a relatively inexpensive Nissan Micra. Alas, she took a lot more time in the garage than we were thinking. First, the timing chain was making funny noises. Then, some issues in the valves and some oil leaks. We also chose to change the