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If there is one big thing that we are gutted about, it’s the fact that we won’t be able to show around our Micra in Ireland. Our Cork friends deserved better. Alas, the costs of driving to Ireland were to high, and time wise we would also suffer a big deal.

We had to do something about it. And so we took a risk by setting a last minute barbecue, when the weather forecast was foreseeing something slightly less than desirable.

Audaces fortuna juvat. We were rewarded with a nice day for a BBQ. The hosts, Luzia and Pedro, helped get everything ready. The surprise was a red Micra made out of cardboard. If we didn’t have a booth yet, the Micra became it. An evening to remember, with many of our friends signing down their wishes to stick to the car.

We are slightly afraid that there won’t be enough Micra for some many autographs and wishes. We will see about that. All in due time!

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