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This hasn’t been easy. Henriques Zee Navigators’ Frol de la Terra was a relatively inexpensive Nissan Micra. Alas, she took a lot more time in the garage than we were thinking.

First, the timing chain was making funny noises. Then, some issues in the valves and some oil leaks. We also chose to change the radiator fluid to water. Then an exhaust problem that forced us to fix it due to too many gas emissions in the NCT/MOT inspections. As if this wasn’t enough, there was a problem causing potential overheating. Wow. The final price including the garage days, well… that went beyond what we had initially planned.

Hopefully she won’t break too soon! And it’s nice to know that she’s now home, ready to be turned into the prettiest land caravel you’ve ever set your eyes at. She won’t drown, that’s for sure!!


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