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Painting a car can’t be an easy thing. It takes forever and if it goes wrong, you are sure you screwed up the whole thing. It requires a good bit of patience, and a lot of paint breathing. Yes. I think it sucks. I pay my homage to car painters. For this, we bought quite a few cans of spray in a Chinese shop in Juncal.

The idea was to colour it with a few blue and white stripes, and green and yellow on the back and front of the car. The process was lengthy and tortuous for an amateur like me. But if there is a nice feeling about, it’s the removing the molding tape, and seeing all the magic happen right before you. Marvelous!

Right now, the paint job is finished, and nearly all the stickers are on. Next thing: get the sails! If all goes well, we will find a place where to get some sturdy canvas to cut and design in the of a magnificent 15th century caravel. That’s the plan at least. And here’s to hoping it goes well.

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