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This was another busy day. Manon has now joined the Navigators and Juno is much better after being submitted to an urgent surgery – hopefully she will stop chewing on thread next time. The car also looks great after all the oil leak issues. We are still packing, but nearly done with it.

Juno reading the messages left by our Cork friends

Tomorrow the plan is to reach Cabo da Roca from Juncal, and then head to Spain. We will have a pit stop in Salamanca, and hopefully we want to reach as far as the Basque Country, perhaps even cross the border to France still.

At this point, we are so glad to see the support we have been finding everywhere. People we met in Juncal and Leiria District have been great in the last one and a half week. We also feel the strong support from our friends in Cork. We cannot be enough thankful to the guys who are still offering help, and also Paula, Sara and Seán for their help in a crisis situation with our cat, and the heroes Luzia and Pedro, who are always so supportive to us – thanks to them we might have a few chilled beers for the way!

To all those people around the world, from Sweden, to Kenya and across the US! Thanks for all your kind words and energy. Henriques Zee Navigators are now heading towards the biggest adventure of their lives. See our live map to check our current location. We will send pictures and all that whenever we find time and decent wireless that we can use.

Onwards to Goodwood Motor Circuit! Boa Viagem!

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